Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sham~Rockin' Damask Garland

Sham~Rockin Garland

Create this simple and easy St. Patrick's Day inspired Sham~Rockin' Garland

Supplies: Fabric, Freezer Wrap Paper, Card stock for Shamrock Patter, Twine, Clothes Pins, and Ribbon.

Shamrock Template
To make any shamrock just connect three heart shapes together.  Searching the web for Shamrock outlines will also give you lots of options too. Just print on card stock and cut it out and you have an instant template. On a side note, I would recommend using an hobby knife verses scissors just to make the job faster and more precious. 

To prepare your fabric for this project iron reverse side and then place the freezer paper shinny side down and iron on the highest setting.  The freezer paper will adhere to the back of the fabric and stabilize it for the project.  Then use your template and trace your shamrock and cut our your designs.  If the paper releases from the fabric no worries just iron again and it will re~adhere to the fabric.

The freezer paper helps stabilize the fabric for cutting out the design pending on the desired look of the project it can be left on the fabric or removed.

Love the overall look of this Sham~rock and the use of ribbon for the green elements of St. Patrick's Day.
Here is the end result of the Sham~rockin' project.  I love the use of twine and clothes pins because it reminds me of my childhood.  It's simple and could be added to as the holiday grows closer which is something that I love :) My overall vision is to add Vintage Irish Prints and Quotes.  This is what I have so far and can't wait to see how it transforms.

Love the black and white contrast this adds to my windows.
I added polka dot lime green and white ribbon to incorporate the St. Patricks theme.

To tie together my garland I added these decorative flowers to each end of my garland.

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