Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rain~Bro's an Irish Brothers Playdate

This colorful playdate was inspired by St. Patrick's Day and the fact that I'd be spending a morning with four little Irishmen which also happen to be brothers! When I think about St. Patrick's Day from my childhood it always included rainbows the idea of following one all the way to the end to find the Leprechauns pot of gold.  Being a mom is so magical and this playdate captured that butterfly feeling that as mother we experience with the excitement, wonder, joy and active imaginations of the little people in our lives.
This playdate can be recreated for less than $20.00 using the supplies you have from around the house.  For this playdate you will need the following supplies:

Rainbow Pasta Craft Supplies:

Several pieces of card stock for rainbow arch
Large sharpie pen for outlining
Two boxes of pinwheel pasta
One bottle of white vinegar
Classic elmers glue
Food coloring

Rainbow Dessert:

Vanilla pudding mix
Plastic cups to mix with different colors
Jumbo craft popcicle sticks
Food Coloring

Guess what this is pasta :) I know so magical and easy to do! I love this variation to the "fruit loop" rainbows that many mamas are doing right now.  Since my little person loves to get them I though this would be a great alternative. Not to mention it saves time because you don't have to sort the colors. 

 I just used the mini pinwheel pasta that was on sale and added one tablespoon of white vinegar into the plastic zip lock bags and shook them so all of the pasted was saturated. Then as you see below I just added my desired rainbow colors using a variation of standard and neon food colors.  Let your pasta dry on paper towels before use.  I dyed and dried mine the night before then reused my colored bags for storage.
Here is my dyed pasta I would recommend letting them sit in the bags for several minutes so they can absorb the colors.  A few tips on coloring for my red I blended the primary red and pink together from the neon coloring so it would have a friendly red look :) I also combined the pink from the neon color and primary yellow to make a more cheery orange.  My yellow, lime green, aqua blue, and purple "indigo" are also a result of blending the primary and neon colors together.
On standard white card stock I outlined the colors of the rainbow arch for each one of my play date attendees in advance.  I cut the rainbows and helped the kiddos with the rainbow arch glue so they could fill in their rainbows with the colored pasta by following the glue arch.  We only used one color at a time and used fruit loops as an incentive for finishing each rainbow arch color.
Here is our finished products we of course added cotton ball white puffy clouds and continued the theme and idea with our additional green shamrocks and extra colored pasta.
At everyone of my playdates I also like to include a recipe and this was a wonderful dessert that helped teach not only the colors of the rainbow but also the blending of colors.  I first started with my popsicle sticks and labeled them with the colors.  Each boy would then have the opportunity to mix the pudding and the food coloring together to make each part of the rainbow.
As I poured in the pudding I asked the boys to make predictions and observations with what was going to happen to the pudding.  Even though it was a toddler crowd they were over the moon to explain what they thought was going to happen to each color.  I personally love adding those elements of discovery in all of my playdates and it is those moments that make memories for our little people through learning.
Here is the puddling and the colors being added so the boys could mix them. I chose popcile sticks in advance because I knew I wanted to label each cup for an additional learning opportunity plus they were great stirring sticks that could be enjoyed as an extra bonus for all of their hard work.
The boys were delighted with this yummy extra treat! Sometimes its the simple things....I know you remember getting that egg beater as a child :) Always loved watching my mom bake in hopes that I'd be the choosen one for that extra surprise.
Putting them into a desired cup is super easy. I chose to use just some simple plastic cups I had left over from a previous playdate since the boys would be taking them home to share with their family. Hope you enjoyed our Rain~Bro Playdate!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Go Green Slime Time Playdate

PlayDates styled by SnapDragon and GingerRoots  have two main ingredients:

A Dash of Whimsy and a Splash of Magic :)

When planning any playdate one must be inspired.  Having a playdate centered around the color green just seemed like the perfect place the start.  Looking through my closet of crafts I happened upon several bags of lime green insects and off I went to create this Slime Time St. Patrick's Playdate.

The total cost of this playdate was five dollars since I had many of the supplies at my house already but it is designed to be a $20.00 or less playdate. Here is the total supply list from the playdate. The beauty of a playdate is that there is no left over supplies or wasted materials.

*You'll just need the following:
*Green Slime
*Various Plastic Bugs or Dinosaurs
*Plastic tubberware or baking dishes and ziplock bags pending on kitchen and playspace
*Various green scrapbooking papers
*Green themed snacks

First the slime! Seriously it is just as fun for adults as one could imagine.

Slime Time Recipe:

Here are all the ingredients and materials that you will need to complete the project. Borax, Elmers White Glue, Elmers Clear Glue, Water, Neon Food Coloring, Measuring Cups, Measuring Spoons, and Mixing Spoon.
Step One: The Borax Solution

One cup of water
One tablespoon of Borax {I included a picture of this product since it can be tricky to find at the grocery store}
Mix until the Borax is almost completely dissolved and set to one side.  From the picture below you can see that the larger measuring cup is mixed with the Borax Solution.

Step Two: The Glue Solution

One half cup of glue
One half cup of water
Several drops of lime green food coloring
Mix until the water, glue, and food coloring become completely blended.  If you need to add more color now is your last chance :) From the picture above you can see my lime green measuring cup is the Glue Solution.

Now for the magic of Science.  What is super cool about this activity is that is teaches your kiddos about chemical reactions.  When the Glue Solution reacts with the Borax Solution it changes into Slime.  The glue reacts with the sodium in the Borax and actually makes the glue stick to itself.

 Pictured above is the mixing of the Borax and Glue Solutions.  When mixing these solutions together it only takes seconds for the chemical reaction and formation of the Slime.  Instantly you will see the glue change shape in the borax and you will need to collect all of the glue in your hands and dip it back into the Borax Solution until you get the Slime Solution you desire.

Here is my favorite kind of Slime Solution.  I love when it still slimes back and forth into shape.  I used the larger sized throw about  tupperware to serve the purpose of storage, playtime observations, and take home gift.  The Slime Solution can be kept up to two weeks with nightly stays in the refrigerator at night so the growth of mold does not occur. Obviously since this product includes the cleaning solution of Borax it is not for consumption.

To add more whimsy to the playdate I also added dinosaurs and glow bugs to the solution for added magic.

When you add the clear glue instead of the classic elmers school glue you get this super cool effect.

It is imporant to remember that when you are mixing the solutions that you are not going to use all of the borax solution.  It will just be used to react with the glue solution.  When I  tried making my first clear solution I left it in the Borax Solution for a little too long :) Still really cool to play with my not as slimy more of a putty substance.
Use creative jars to give you slime to your guests they will be so delighted :) I used these baby jars for both decoration and storage of your slime.  If you are making this for a playdate I recommend making it for your kiddos.  If the slime is stored over night it just isn't that slimy the next day.

Here are some highlights of our playdate!

We added dinosaurs to our Green Slime Time as suggested by my son. So awesome that he too comes up with creative touches at two for our guests.
I also used left over scrapbooking paper from my "Hanging with my Gnomies Playdate".  This is a very Shoppertunistic idea I learned from my friend Tiffany at Become Shoppertunistic.{Become Shoppertunistic Facebook Page Here}  I love the glam factor this sparkle paper brings.
Tiffany also provided jello jigglers "slime" to our playdate too! So awesome to have friends who also love to contribute to your playdates!
Your kiddos will love this slime too such a classic from childhood.  I really think that's what adds the magic to any playdate bringing together elements that both children and adults think is fun.

While I was making the slime for my little people I made Green playdough in advance so they could play with it before and during the time the slime was being made. Its the teacher in me to keep little people busy during transition times. This playdough recipe is the best I have ever used and will be found in the recipe section of my blog.

Seriously the looks on all of their faces is priceless not to mention that this entire playdate for me was just the cost of the tupperware.  I decided to use it to contain the slime and for a take home item but you could use a variety of things from around the kitchen including cookie sheets for playtime and ziplock bags for take home.
Oh so slimy but oh so cool! Even being thirty something I love to play with slime and was so gitty to be able to host this playdate for the little menfolk in my life.  All of my grown up friends wanted to attend this playdate too and commented that I was the coolest mom for making slime at my house.
So how this chemical reaction can also be seen in the eyes of our children :) So magical
This was a very manageable no mess playdate although it is called slime it does not slick to little fingers or plastic dino's or bugs.  We'd love to see your Green Slime time too.  Leave us a picture or comment we'd love to hear from you and  your playdate.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

ShamRockin Irish BowTie Tee & Playdate Props

ShamRockin Irish Bow~Tie Toddler Tee & Playdate Props
is currently being featured on Become Shoppertunistic

Become-Shoppertunistic  has been gracious enough to feature our stylings on her Glamours site.  Make sure to "like" Become Shoppertunistic so you too can take the guess work out of the art of frugal living and have more time for the glamours life.

Below you will find SnapDragon and GingerRoots ShamRockin' Irish BowTie Tee and PlayDate Props this shirt and props will be custom designed for one Lucky Winner.  To enter to win this fabulous prize and more for her, "Are you Feelin' Lucky Give~Away" go to Becoming Shoppertunistic to enter to win.

Here is the link to her site:  Become Shoppertunistic March GiveAway

This Shamrockin Collection features: Whimsical handcrafted Bowtie and Suspender Long Sleeved Toddler Tee showcases Shamrock accents and a pocket square.  This will surely add a little jig to your little Leprechauns step.

The Irish Stache on a Stick is a brill ant addition to your St. Patrick's Day Photo's.

Become Shoppertunistic Complete GiveAway Items

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Garden Gnome Puppet Theatre Playdate

Hanging With My Gnomies
Whimsical Puppet Theatre Playdate

This playdate was inspired by my childhood, love of puppets, and my mothers ingenuity of taking what you have and building something magical. There seems to be a constant flow of large cardboard boxes at our home to the delight of my imagination and my children's playdates.

Here is an overview of our past playdate: Whimsical Puppet Theatre with individual stick puppets*Gnome Finger Puppets* Gnome Paper Dolls* Garden Friends Festive Masks* Miniature Hidden Gnomes on refreshment tables* Hanging with my Gnomies Coloring Pages* Gnome Bowling Game.

A special thanks to Become Shoppertunistic, Cutesypoo Toys, and My Fantastic Toys for their frugal finds and creative inspirations.

This was the first thing I created for this playdate using the following materials: Two Cardboard Boxes, Black Duck Tape, Hot Glue Gun, Chalkboard Paint, Damask Fabric, Sharpie Marker, and Polka dot Ribbon. This entire Puppet Theatre took two hours to complete during naptime.

I created these puppets using free printables from this adorable site My Fantastic Toys I also used these characters throughout my house to decorate for the playdate.

This Gnome Game was a complete hit with the Toddler Crowd. Such a great activity.  I added a tin foil ball to add a safety element to this game since two year olds can have some wild throws.

These little gnomes were hidden through out my refreshment house and playroom. In fact each child had the opportunity to take a gnome home too.  These printable gnomes can be found at Cutesypoo-Toys

I created coloring pages from my favorite puppet characters for the creative side of our playdate.
To add to the magic of this play date I set puppets around my playroom for kids to discover on their own and begin imaginative play.  I layered these activities by adding little touches throughout the play date for example these garden masks.

To style my refreshment table I used various scrapbooks papers, paper gnomes, and decorative paper cups. All of these things were collected from my house.

These toadstool and owl cups were featured at Target in the dollar section.  Become Shoppertunistic and plan ahead with your party elements.  I was on a guided grocery tour with Tiffany when I found these charming cups in the dollar section at Target over the summer.  The dollar section is a wealth of inspiration for starting a theme for a glamours price.

These Garden Critter Masks were also found in the dollar section and added just a right amount of magic to the morning.  Love giving my guest an opportunity to use their imaginations.  The boys loved preforming with their puppets.

I found many free printable gnomes as well as gnome printables on etsy to add to our playdate. Here are two sites to check out for printable gnomes: Cutesypoo Toys and My Fantastic Toys

Playdate Picture Highlights:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Whimsical Puppet Theatre Give~Away

SnapDragon & GingerRoots GiveAway
"Lets add some magic to motherhood"

Custom Puppet Theater Complete with double sided puppet show option, elegant damask curtains
& writable chalk story board
Add some magic to your home, play date, or birthday party with this original & whimsical puppet theatre created by SnapDragon and GingerRoots. This super chic theathre is completely upcycled :)

To be eligible to win this puppet show you will need to like our Facebook Page"Like" SnapDragon and GingerRoots Here! and leave a comment below on this post that includes your name for the drawing. All entries must be in by March 16th by midnight.

The winner will be announced on March 17th which is St. Patrick's Day :) May the Luck of the Irish be with you.  We will ship this theatre completely constructed.

Looking Forward to our First GiveAway!!
SnapDragon and GingerRoots

Monday, February 28, 2011

ShamRockin Craft Inspirations

Amazing St. Patrick's Party Ideas and Free Printables :
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Love, love, love this decor for the door.
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